Monday, 5 May 2014

Bank holiday morning

Well it's still a holiday but much is going on in our household with hubby finishing the bathroom off by putting in new bath panels, with me making the coffee.
I finished my grandson's card last night and am quite pleased as I coloured the image in ( not sure where I bought the image from though ) . I was trying to do something fancy but on searching my stash I found this beautiful double sided paper and as Freddie loves being in the garden I thought why not. So before I head off to hp a friend with lunch I thought I would post this card . Have a great day whatever your plans are.

Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Tidy up

Well this was not planned but I was fed up with only having a few inches to work in even though I have 7ft of work top to create on but I had so many cards that I had made with no inserts, I spent the afternoon making inserts & then matching envelopes to finish and last of all putting the finished card in a poly bag.
I now have a box full of finished cards woo hoo. I now need to get selling so that i can buy some more stash.
After completing that job i managed to get a few crafty drawers cleaned and rearranged.
I know my Daughter will laugh at this but I thought to make life easy i would draw a plan of my craft room & mark up what is in each draw, shelf and box. I am NOT KNOWN FOR BEING ORGANISED.
Make me angry and I clean for England.
well over the last few days Dollie has been indoors and been very naughty in as much as she thinks she's a cat and climbs all over the sofa but keeps tiddling so the covers have to be washed yet again.
She has also been tunnelling out of her run & when i go to get her in at night she runs to the furthest point of the run so that I can't get her.
What a little pickle she is.
Once I have cleared more space I will post some pictures of my completed cards.
Well I'm off to buy some real black card if its not sold out so I will say goodnight
see you soon

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

meet dolly

 Hello my names Dollie and I came to live in the mad house with the two cats called Tiggie and lola.
The only trouble is they don't let me in the house often enough just because they think that Tiggie will eat me. Oh well I can't complain as the male of the house built me a big hutch with a run attached to it.
Not a bad life for a wabbit. See you all again soooooooooooooon xxx

more photo's

I bought a kit from hunkydory and as much as I love the kit I just have to make cards my own and not copy the style of hunkydory. In other words I have to do it my way.

wet and windy february

Hi everybody
Well the time is fast aproaching that special day in everyone's lives that demands that you spend shed loads of money, you know the day it's called Valentines Day.
My husband and I don't celebrate it as we have our wedding Anniversary five days later but that doesn't stop me having fun making cards for others.
I love making cards and loads of mess in the process,but I am not so great at doing the inserts until I really have too.
My Daughter is always putting my cards in boxes and marking them up in neat boxes.
Well I received my long awaited parcel with my scan and cut machine inside and I was amazed at what it can cut out, it was amazing but I have to do lots of homework to maximise its use so watch this space.
I will post a few of the cards that i have been busy making.Not a great picture which I was unable to rotate for better viewing.

Friday, 8 November 2013

Morning with my daughter

Well I'm disgusted to find I haven't been blogging so with my new phone I have no excuse. 

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

I'm back

Well here I am again aftr a very long time away from my blog which is very disgusting but in that time I have now got 2 more grandsons which now makes 6 grandsons. Pretty gready some would say.
well today has been busy as my eldest daughter is moving house on saturday without removal men so watch this space.
Tonight i have been using my hoogie board to score 12 by 12 double sided paper ready to cut into strips so that i can make lolipops or flowers. i will take some pictures tomorrow .
I will however post a card I made for sydney's birthday last month from nikki's pokeadddles collection,  i love her work

Hi i made a gate fold card but with a twist as the little boy is a removable book mark , i loved making this. goodnight